Thursday 24 May 1984

Gordon Giltrap At Warminster Arts Centre


Gordon Giltrap appeared in concert at Warminster Arts Centre, yesterday evening (23rd May 1984).

Danny Howell went along and penned the following review:

What a performance! Despite the fact of a disappointingly small audience, this was entertainment at its best.

Gordon Giltrap put on more than just a concert for those who ventured out to see him; it proved to be an exciting and exhilarating experience and even included a lute-like tune played upon the mandola and inspired by Gordon's one-time interest in medieval music.

It is a pity that a number of today's better known superstars who command larger audiences (and larger fees) cannot demonstrate the same expertise and musical knowledge.

Add to this, the versatile accompaniment of Peter 'Bimbo' Acock on flute, clarinet and saxophone, and you have a musical evening which should not have been missed by so many people.

Last night's totally instrumental set included Birds Of A Feather, One For Sorrow, The Leprechaun, For The Four Winds, and Country Bluff, and many other self-penned songs including a Christmas carol and a couple of television themes - in short, a fine mix of classical, folk, rock and blues.

As Gordon said, he's written a lot of songs, indeed his latest album is his fifteenth, so it's no wonder his repertoire is definitely something for everyone.