Tuesday 30 November 1993

Remember Warminster Volume One

Danny Howell

The first volume in a very popular series, featuring transcripts of interviews with senior citizens who lived in and/or worked in Warminster during their younger days. Bill Collins, Mary Ryall, Len Ingram, Marjorie Yeates, Roy Hampton and May Ede remember their schooldays, homes, workplaces, friends and families, together with many of Warminster's characters, events and places. Amateur entertainer Archie Crease, pigsticker George Payne, haulier Thomas Ryall, shopkeeper Molly Butt, magistrate Robert Artindale, and grocer and secondhand clothes dealer Bunny Wyatt are just a few of the characters who are lovingly recalled. Fully indexed.
Remember Warminster, Volume One.
Danny Howell.
Soft cover, 210 mm x 297 mm, 144 pages, 82 black and white photographs.
Published by Bedeguar Books.
November 1993.
ISBN 1872818064.