Tuesday 23 November 1993

Phase Three Of Dewey Museum's Three Year Plan


The Warminster History Society's suggestion for phase three of the three year plan for Warminster Dewey Museum was to acquire two fossil cabinets and video equipment for visual displays.

At an Executive Committee meeting of the History Society last night (22nd November 1993) it was agreed that these acquisitions are divided over two years, not one, because of the cost point of view. The Society has, therefore, decided to purchase the fossil cabinets in 1994, and the video equipment in 1995.

On the recommendation of Danny Howell, Jack Field went to the Red House Museum at Christchurch, to see their fossil cabinets which are of a special design - they feature spring-loaded drawers to take the weight of the contents, security proof covers, and binders for holding laminated pages of information.

Warminster History Society member Roger Hammond has offered to make the cabinets, based on the Red House Museum design, but amended for the WHS's own purposes, using elm as recommended by the Conservation Laboratory.

The cost of these cabinets has been estimated at about £3,000, and grant aid of 45% from the Area Museum Council has been applied for.

The cabinets will be situated in the display area inside Warminster Library, allowing the public free access to the Victor Manley collection of Warminster fossils - something which has been hoped for, for some time.