Thursday 13 April 1989

YFC At TV Studios


The HTV studios in Bristol were visited by Warminster Young Farmers' Club yesterday afternoon (12th April 1989). The trip was arranged by Andrew Gorman and Danny Howell.

Club members were given a guided tour of the building which began with a demonstration on how the studios are prepared for filming.

In one of them, Australian singer and cartoonist Rolf Harris was recording Cartoon Club for screening later this year.

In another, Bruce Hockin was rehearsing for Police Five, the regular feature in Wednesday's HTV News, when viewers are asked to help the police solve crimes in the local area. Members met and spoke to Mr. Hockin in a break during the rehearsal.

A tiny room in a different part of the studio complex is used for the on-the-hour news bulletins, and newsreader Victoria Crawford demonstrated how the bulletins are broadcast almost single-handed.

Afterwards members were taken to a hospitality room, with a panoramic view of Bristol, where sandwiches and beverages were enjoyed.

As a reminder of what was an interesting and entertaining afternoon, pens inscribed with the HTV logo were presented to them.

Everyone left feeling that they had learned some of the tricks of television and realising that what you see on "the box" is not always what it seems.