Saturday 15 September 1984

Mary Rose Book For Auction


The Objets d'Art Auction to be held on 6th October 1984, in aid of the Warminster Athenaeum Appeal, has received an unexpected boost.

The world-famous archaeologist, Mrs Margaret Rule, who master-minded the raising of the Mary Rose, and who will be at the Athenaeum Arts Centre to give a lecture on the rebirth of the Tudor warship, upon hearing of the auction offered to donate a signed copy of her book The Mary Rose.

This will join other items including a 1930's Comfy Pot already given by the Marchioness of Bath, who is President of the Appeal.

Lady Bath is making a direct appeal to everyone in the area to search their lofts, attics and cellars for any antiques, objets d'art, bric-a-brac, etc., which might be sold to raise money for the Arts Centre.

The sale is being co-ordinated by Mrs Diane Street and Mr Paul Tanswell. The appeal is blessed by the services of auctioneer Dennis Barnard, who is well-known both on and off the auctioneer's rostrum.

The auction is likely to draw bidders from Warminster and the surrounding villages.