Wednesday 30 November 2005

St Mary's Church Market Lavington

An Illustrated Guide And History

Since 2002, St. Mary of the Assumption, at Market Lavington in Wiltshire, has been one of the parishes forming the Benefice of the Lavingtons, Cheverells and Easterton.

This booklet, produced by Bedeguar Books for the Friends Of St. Mary's, is a new edition of the Illustrated Guide And History for the church, covering the period from at least 1,400 years ago when there was a Saxon community of some size on the hill where St. Mary's now stands, to the present day, with its most lovingly flower-decorated churchyard which gives a strong impression about this highly individual village.

The booklet features the early days to the Normans, the external architecture, the chancel, the nave, the north aisle, the vestry, and the Delamere Chapel. Reforming zeal and vandalism, church bequests, churchmen, the later restoration, the bells and the bell ringers, the windows, and the churchyard are all explored. The booklet concludes with a list of the Rectors and Vicars of Market Lavington, from 1299 when John Erdescote was the incumbent, to 1999 when Harold Stephens was the Priest-in-Charge.

St. Mary's Church, Market Lavington, An Illustrated Guide And History.
The Friends Of St. Mary's.
Softback, 210 mm x 147 mm, 28 pages, 22 black and white photographs and illustrations.
Published by Bedeguar Books.
November 2005.
ISBN 1872818447.