Tuesday 19 October 1993

Museum Trade Fair At Bradford On Avon

Glenn Head, pictured at Bradford On Avon,
while attending the Museum Trade Fair.
Photograph by Danny Howell.


Four members of the Warminster Dewey Museum's Executive Committee, were among museum volunteers from Wiltshire, who attended a Trade Fair at Bradford On Avon.

They were Jack Field, Glenn Head, Danny Howell and Graham Zebedee.

The Trade Fair, which was held yesterday (18th October 1993), was organised by Wiltshire Library And Museum Service.

It was a very informative day. As well as visiting the various trade stalls, there was a chance to watch a video seminar. Lunch was served and the food, both in quantity and quality, was excellent.

Thanks and congratulations have been given to the County Museums Officer, Lorna Marvell, and her colleagues for organising a very successful event.