Wednesday 6 October 1993

South Western Federation Of Museums Meeting


Glenn Head and Danny Howell represented Warminster Dewey Museum at the Autumn meeting of the South Western Federation of Museums, held at Wells, Somerset, on 1st October 1993.

The subject matter, 'Local Government Reform in the wake of the abolishment of County Councils', was "heavy going" but a matter of concern for those involved with museums.

Wiltshire is likely to be reorganised soon. People are asked to make their views known with regard how important museums are and how they should be safeguarded financially.

Warminster Dewey Museum had been the subject of a visit in the summer of 1992 by Clive Grenyer, the Chairman of the County Councils' Association, to determine the support that was given to the museums in the county.

The morning session at Wells was followed by visits to the Glastonbury Tribune, the Glastonbury Abbey Museum and the Rural Life Museum at the Glastonbury Tithe Barn.