Friday 23 November 1990

Danny Packs Them In


The president was delighted to welcome many members and friends to an open meeting of Codford Women's Institute, to hear well-known local historian Danny Howell.

Once again Danny drew on his vast store of local knowledge, this time about Codford and the surrounding area early in the 1900s. Some pictures were earlier than this.

Members saw pictures of the camps of Sutton Veny and Codford during the 1914-18 War, many of the soldiers at Sutton Veny being Anzacs.

There were old pictures of Codford High Street with many more shops, and two pictures of houses. Alas, there are not so many shops now, but members were still able to recognise some of the buildings.

It was a real journey back into the past with pictures of local businessmen, and men who worked on surrounding farms as shepherds, carters and ploughing with a team of oxen.

Some members recognised dads and uncles in pictures of local football teams and village outings.

There was even a photograph of the last train leaving Wishford Station before it closed, along with many other village stations.

All too soon this fascinating talk came to an end. The vote of thanks to Danny was given by Miss K. Forbes. This won't be the last time Danny visits Codford W.I.