Friday 7 April 1989

The Wiltshire Foundry


A letter, dated 7 April 1989, to Danny Howell from John C. Sawtell, of Hope Cottage, Station Road, Holt, near Trowbridge, Wiltshire, on behalf of the West Wiltshire Industrial Archaeological Society:

"Dear Mr. Howell,

Many thanks indeed for coming to Bradford On Avon to tell us of your work on Carson and Toone - it made a most interesting (and I think, necessary!) evening for us.

Warminster, though its appearance belies it, has a fascinating industrial - in its broadest sense - history and you well told us of a facet of this. It is amazing what a little firm can produce and how its enterprise and products can power it through family succession or several generations of owners.

It was particularly pleasing for me to know - at last - that a cast iron bridge does exist in the town and to have located my mill site! I am looking forward to looking for both.

I was interested too to hear of your colleague with the practical interest in Wallis Titt - I must come back to you again on this one another day.

Many thanks again for your talk and I hope you found the opportunity to further disseminate the works of the Wiltshire Foundry worthwhile - I am sure that we did!

Yours sincerely, John C. Sawtell."