Friday 31 December 2004

St Aldhelm Of Wessex

Sheelagh Wurr

This delightful booklet gives a succinct biography of Saint Aldhelm who lived between 639 and 709 CE. He was educated at Malmesbury and Canterbury. He then joined the monastery at Malmesbury, where he became the Abbot in 675. Thirty years later he was appointed the first Bishop of Sherborne.

Superbly presented, this booklet has photographs by Sheelagh Wurr and Elaine Topping, and delightful illustrations by the Reverend Christine Gilbert. Featured are seven miracles accredited to Aldhelm, the most well-known in the Warminster area, perhaps, is the miracle of the Bishop's Tree - how the village of Bishopstrow got its name.

Aldhelm was a writer and riddle-maker, a talented musician and a singer of secular and comic songs. Many people in Wessex became Christians because of the work of Aldhelm. He is the Patron Saint of Frome.

St. Aldhelm Of Wessex.
Sheelagh Wurr.
Soft cover, 210 mm x 148 mm, 20 pages including cover, 5 colour photographs, 5 black and white photographs, and 17 black and white illustrations.
Published by Bedeguar Books.
ISBN 1872818412.