Monday 21 September 2009

Robbie Williams UFO Watching At Cradle Hill


Gordon Smart, writing in his Bizarre feature in today's Sun newspaper, says Robbie Williams and his girlfriend Ayda Field, have been making night-time visits to Cradle Hill, Warminster, hoping to see UFOs.

The former member of the Take That pop group, now a very successful singer in his own right, has a home at Compton Bassett in north Wiltshire. Apparently there were 450 sightings of UFOs at Compton Bassett last year.

The Sun article reckons the jaunts to Cradle Hill are proof that Robbie and actress Ayda are perfect for one another.

Colin Smart writes: "The intrepid duo have made more than one trip under the cover of darkness to Cradle Hill near Warminster, a popular sky-watching spot."

He also states: "Cradle Hill used to be a really famous spot in the Sixties and Seventies where UFO hunters would gather en masse and scan the skies for signs of alien life. It's undergone a bit of a revival recently so Rob has taken Ayda up there to see if they can spot anything."

We are also told that Robbie and Ayda have also been to the enigmatic landmark of Silbury Hill, also in Wiltshire, "the scene of several reported spaceship sightings over the years."

Just recently we heard Robbie being interviewed on the radio, and his fascination for the subject was discussed. He appeared open-minded but seemed genuinely interested in whether UFOs are from outer space or can be explained otherwise. He gave the impression he just wanted to investigate the subject and maybe find out a bit more for himself.

Perhaps that's part of the reason why he bought a house in Wiltshire?