Sunday 31 December 2006

Warminster Wylye Valley And District Recorder No. 06

Danny Howell

The Warminster, Wylye Valley And District Recorder is the collective title for a series of little booklets which bring together notes and photographs taken or collected by Danny Howell, as well as articles and illustrations gleaned from books, newspapers, magazines, out-of-print publications, scrapbooks, personal papers, parish records, directories, diaries, archives, and a host of other sources.

Included in the series are reports of special occasions, essays and lists, the results of surveys, tape-recorded and written memories, sketches and plans, plus old postcards and photographs past and present. Many have never been regaled in print before.

Some issues are devoted to a single subject, some feature a collection of articles on a theme, and other issues include an assortment of topics.

Issue by issue, the series is making a record of people and places, events and customs, providing a wealth of information accessible to readers and researchers who want to know more about Warminster, the Wylye Valley and the surrounding area.

Issue No.6 of the Warminster, Wylye Valley And District Recorder includes:

A tractor road run through Imber on Good Friday 2004;

Rambles in and around Warminster (church and churchyard memorials inscriptions), Monkton Deverill 1882;

Childhood Games in Warminster during the 1920s and 1930s;

The petition to keep Sambourne School, Warminster, as a mixed educational establishment, 1917-1919;

A visit to the Bishopstrow and Boreham Men's Club, 12 May 2004;

And a comparison of prices in Warminster, 1905 and 2005.

Warminster, Wylye Valley And District Recorder, No. 06.
Edited by Danny Howell.
Softback, 210 mm x 147 mm, 64 pages, 56 black and white photographs and illustrations.
Published by Bedeguar Books.
December 2006.
ISBN 1872818501.