Monday 30 November 1998

The Astronomical Clockmaker Edward Cockey And Other Warminster Horologists

David Pollard
After rebuilding many of Warminster's public clocks, David Pollard found himself intrigued about the clock and watchmakers who lived and worked in this Wiltshire market town in days gone by. Their memorials were their clocks but there was little written about them or known about them. Some had left clues, in the form of graffiti, on the clocks Mr Pollard restored. Wanting to know more, he immediately began researching the lives of those craftsmen.

Many people helped with researches, gladly imparting information or pointing the author in the right direction. The accumulation of the evidence was painstakenly slow but nevertheless rewarding, and the result is another interesting addition to Warminster's chequered history.

The main theme of the book, as the title suggests, is the life and works of Edward Cockey, a man who still remains something of an enigma. Edward Cockey was born in and lived in Warminster, he is known worldwide as a maker of astronomical clocks, but as yet no record can be found of where he served his apprenticeship.

As David Pollard traced the working footsteps of Cockey he discovered much about him and his family, providing a great deal of information which has, in turn, prompted many more, as yet unanswered, questions. Probably the most important one, which of Cockey's astronomical clocks was the Royal one?
Perhaps we shall never know, but one day, after reading this book, someone may find the answers to David Pollard's questions.

The Astronomical Clockmaker Edward Cockey And Other Warminster Horologists.
David Pollard.
Softback, 297 mm x 210 mm, 320 pages, 285 black and white photographs and illustrations.
Published by Bedeguar Books.
November 1998.
ISBN 187281834X.