Saturday 30 November 1996

A Selection Of Warminster Ephemera, Volume One

Danny Howell

Danny Howell's 20th book recording Warminster's fascinating heritage, in which he has gathered together a unique collection of printed memorabilia, each with its own carefully researched and informative text. Covering more than a century of local events, this selection features over 2,700 local names, including school pupils, carnival participants, footballers, Jersey cattle exhibitors and those who gave their lives for King and Country in two world wars. Warminster Ephemera is guaranteed to delight and entertain both residents and visitors alike, recalling a wealth of memories and capturing life in a Wiltshire market town just as it used to be.

A Selection Of Warminster Ephemera, Volume One.
Danny Howell.
Soft cover, 148 mm x 210 mm, 268 pages.
Published by Bedeguar Books.
November 1996.
ISBN 1872818315.