Friday 3 September 1993

Worgemynster Newsletter Published


The first issue of Worgemynster, the newsletter of the Warminster History Society has now been published.

Danny Howell, who suggested it, introduces the newsletter by saying:

"At the last Executive Committee meeting of the Warminster History Society it was suggested that the members should receive a newsletter to keep you informed of what's happening behind the scenes, particularly because there's so much going on at the moment including computerisation and educational facilities."

Issue No.1 features latest news, enquiries, announcements for up-and-coming displays, a coupon which can be used to get a discount on purchases at the Dewey Museum shop, and diary dates.

The newsletter is produced and edited by Danny Howell and Glenn Head.

If you're wondering what Worgemynster, the title of the newsletter means . . . . it was the Saxon name for the urban settlement of Warminster, and meant "the monastery, minster or Saxon church on the river Were."