Tuesday 31 July 1990

With All Hopes Dashed In The Human Zoo

Mary Baker

Born disabled and made motherless at the age of 11, Mary Baker (nee Cutler) spent her early childhood in hospitals and workhouses in Dorset, and her teenage years in a London home for disabled and/or mentally-handicapped girls, before pursuing a promising nursing career.

Against all her expectations she married, raised a family of her own, and went on to foster nearly 50 babies. In With All Hopes Dashed In The Human Zoo, her autobiography, she tells for the first time how her early years were all up hill with tragedy, hardship and struggle, and how a successful marriage blessed with children brought her the happiness she thought she would never have.

With All Hopes Dashed In The Human Zoo.
Mary Baker.
Softback, 210 mm x 148 mm, 96 pages, 70 black and white photographs.
Published by Danny Howell Books.
July 1990.
ISBN 1872818021.