Friday 1 December 1989

Ancient Festival Could Be Revived


Crockerton could be revelling again for the first time in 50 years, if plans to resurrect the village's mediaeval festival go ahead.

The Crockerton Revels, which date back to the time of Thomas A'Becket, were a regular event until the 1930s.

Now Warminster historian Danny Howell and Warminster Arts Centre director Shona Powell want to revive them.

Local history has it that Thomas A'Becket was on his way to Glastonbury when he stopped off at Crockerton. The Revels were in full swing and the 'turbulent priest' had such a good time he never quite got round to going on to Glastonbury.

The Crockerton Revels, which went hand-in-hand with the village's Gooseberry Fayre, were a very popular annual event, bringing music and dancing to the village.

Danny said: "I have been toying with this idea for a long time. It seems to me that this is something that could be brought back to the Warminster district calendar as a regular event."

Shona Powell, who is setting up a folk club at Warminster Arts Centre, said: "I think it sounds like a marvellous idea."

The pair are hoping enough interest will be generated in the folk club, which starts up in February, to support an afternoon of singing and dancing in Crockerton, held on the Revels traditional first Sunday after 7th July.

In the meantime, the Warminster Folk Club will meet every second Sunday for informal singing, and established folk groups are already booked to play. In the future Shona hopes to organise ceilidhs.

Anyone interested in the folk club or the Crockerton Revels should contact Shona Powell at Warminster Arts Centre.