Wednesday 15 November 1989

Remember The Wylye Valley


Danny Howell has just published a superb book called Remember The Wylye Valley.

It features transcripts of interviews made with Wylye Valley residents including Percy Bond, Winifred Brown, Roy Bryant, Norah Bull, Paul Cole, Lily Dredge, Jack Fleming, Reg Ford, Bert Imber, Alec Moulding, Christine Moulding, Frank Moxham, Reg Pike, Dorothy Smith, Ted Snelgrove, Fred Stickland, Percy Vincent, Ben Williams, Cliff Woodham, and Percy Wyatt.

Together they recall life as they knew it in the Wylye Valley villages, with anecdotes about the bakery at Bapton, the breadstones at Wishford, the mill at Wylye, the milk bar at Codford, the Railway Tavern at Hanging Langford, Manor Farm at Upton Lovell, the cress beds at Sherrington, and lots more besides.

Remember The Wylye Valley is in a soft cover, has 152 pages, and is fully illustrated with 138 black and white photographs.
ISBN 0950929182.

15 November 1989.