Thursday 24 August 1989

Town Traffic Off-Putting


Many people will have shared my enjoyment of the film of Warminster, shown on Monday night on HTV's Along A Wiltshire River series of programmes.

Danny Howell's contribution was splendid but one slight criticism of the film: I wish the director hadn't used the town traffic as the link theme of the whole film. It gave such a distorted view of the town to would-be visitors. Time and time again the camera went back to shots of a congested Market Place and High Street.

At least there was a short aerial view of the new by-pass under construction with a brief explanation about it. I just wish the film maker had taken a few early-morning shots of Market Place - that would be more like the way it is now. I should think the film with its heavy lorries trundling through scene after scene would be very off-putting to potential visitors.

Ray Jones, 65 St. John's Road, Warminster.