Thursday 11 May 1989

Bishopstrow Footbridge


Further to my notes about the improvements to the little iron footbridge at Bishopstrow (see Bedeguar Blog: 3 May 1989) I have now discovered that engineer Dave Weston and his team from Wiltshire County Council are the restorers, and that they too are extremely pleased with the work they have done.

The instigator of the improvements is Mrs. G. Proudman, who lives at the Mill House, Bishopstrow, only a stone's throw away from the bridge.

She has written to me:

"It has taken five years and approaches to English Heritage, Wiltshire Conservation, YTS, and the Council, to achieve the restoration of the iron bridge at Bishopstrow. I think it was when I pointed out that the bridge was illustrated on the title page of the Bishopstrow Conservation Area pamphlet that the Council finally took an interest. Their work of restoration took a long time but I agree is very well done. Personally I would have liked to see it painted black (instead of just rusty) but I am told by the conservationists that there is no scrap of evidence of original painting, and so it is better left untouched."

So, we must thank Mrs Proudman, Dave Weston and his colleagues, and the County Council, for their successful efforts with regards the restoration of Bishopstrow's little cast-iron bridge. Once more, walkers and lovers of the countryside can admire a piece of our local heritage as they stroll along the footpath between Bishopstrow Mill and St Aldhelm's Church - one of the loveliest walks in the district.

Danny Howell.