Saturday 30 July 1988

From A Humble Cottage To A Stately Home, Foreword


I felt honoured and privileged to be one of the first people to read "From A Humble Cottage To A Stately Home". I enjoyed it for several reasons. Ken Doel writes well, in an easy to read style, and the story moves along at a fast pace with never a dull or boring moment. I found myself turning the pages, continually wanting to know what Fate was to play next for Ken. I need not elaborate on the text, except to say that the author comes across as a likeable young man with a strong sense of fun. Perhaps that's why I found this book so entertaining. I was pleased to read how Mr. Doel enjoyed his time at Longleat House, and my husband and I are gladdened by the fact that he refers to his first employer, the 5th Marquis of Bath, so highly.

The author has accurately recalled life as he knew it in several stately homes before the Second World War, recording for posterity a part of our heritage. The presentation works well and it makes a refreshing and welcome change. Ken Doel and the publishers can congratulate themselves on a praise-worthy effort. "From A Humble Cottage To A Stately Home" is a highly readable book. I wish it every success.

Lady Virginia Bath, Job's Mill, Crockerton, near Warminster.