Saturday 2 April 1988

Smallbrook Farm, Warminster, 1905-1965 Comments


I must say how much we enjoyed reading “Smallbrook Farm and echoes of an era past” (Farmlife, May 27). It is all so similar to my 83-year old husband’s past life. I am the same age as Beatrice. It brought back all the memories, some good, some bad, of life on the farm as it was. Now sadly gone. The farms I am speaking of were Woodside Farm, and Yew Tree Farm, Nursling, half way between Southampton and Romsey. The first is now a housing estate. The second is a container port for Southampton Docks and has a main road running right through it. This lovely historical old part of the world is now spoilt. All the fertile soil is buried; it seems such a shame. The story has been sympathetically told by Mr Dowding.
Mrs Grace Pearce, Sandygate, Newton Abbot, Devon.

What a lovely place was Dowding’s farm. I used to fetch cream for my grandmother, there. How sad that it had gone. I shall look forward to this book so much.
C.L.G., Crawley Down, West Sussex.

Just to say how much I enjoyed reading about Smallbrook Farm.
Mrs B. Wotton, Warminster.

I am absolutely delighted with the Smallbrook Farm book. It will always be a treasured possession.
Phyllis Rix, Warminster.