Friday 10 February 1984

Poems For Pleasure


Warminster poet Danny Howell brought additional interest to a reading held in the foyer of Warminster Arts Centre on Wednesday last where a group of the young and not so young meets quarterly to share the pleasures of the written word.

On this occasion after an introduction by Danny Howell to each of his poems, a selection was read from his anthology, "Scratchbury Hill And Other Poems."

Danny gets his inspiration from the fields and the surrounding countryside where he works, and from various tumuli, and stones such as those at Avebury and from the Runic alphabet.

Later a variety of poems, both familiar and those unknown, were read and discussed briefly over a cup of coffee.

The evening ended with a further selection of Danny's poems, and the date for the next meeting was set for late in May, when work by other local poets will be read together with those of Wordsworth, Auden, Betjeman and Belloc to name but a few.

Sheila Toomey, Friday 10 February 1984.